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Paint Chips     *     Scratches     *     Headlights
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"I’ve been a paintless-dent-removal vendor for over 6 years, and have seen nearly a dozen touch-up vendors… New Finish Technology has the professional image, quality of work, and integrity that no other [touch up] company has. Their paint work is the best I’ve ever seen, and no other touch up service I’ve seen is even close to the results with New Finish."

Wade C.

- Paintless Dent Repair 12 years

"I sold vehicles for nearly 10 years, and never saw a paint chip repair service like the new finish system. Because I was so impressed with the results, I became a licensee…From the first day I was doing cars to today; I am still impressed with the results."

Jason W.

- Licensee Since 2008

"I’ve been a Manager for over two decades, and New Finish is the best touch-up I’ve ever seen"

Lee D.

- Car Sales Manager 20 + Years

"I’ve been in Car Sales for 16 years…New Finish Technology is the best company I’ve seen, they ROCK!"

Moises D.

- Car Sales 16 years

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