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The Evolution of Touch Up

The typical tools for fixing paint chips are :

  • Paint brush
  • Air Brush

That is the same old tools they’ve used since the 1930’s, which produces “aged, average touch-up” results. 

We believe that “average touch-up” just isn't good enough! 

"Can repairs be virtually undetected to customers?"

The Answer is YES!”



How it Works


We start with using TOP SHELF quality paint, mixed to work with our exclusive paint system technology.


We are able to fill the entire damaged area with paint, allowing the paint to dry, and remove ALL of the excess paint.


The end result is flat finish, with paint only inside the chips. The damaged is virtually undetected to the normal customer. 

How is it Different?

With Traditional Paint Touch Up your end results will look something like this!

However with the New Finish Paint System we are able to fill and remove all the excess paint.

The differences are Clear

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